5 months

Identity, Exhibit mockups, Promotional material

Historical Exhibits
The Rum Row Exhibit is a fictional pop-up presentation based in Vancouver that covers the Prohibition Era in Canada. It uses a combined illustrative and image-based approach that is uncommon in historical spaces. The objective was to create an exhibit that would appeal to Gen Z by using a more striking color palette, easily digestible chunks of information, and proper visual hierarchy. I wanted the viewer to be able to spend very little time in the exhibit and walk away having learned something, whether it be about each of the smugglers, their vessels, or at the very least what a Rum Row actually is. The result is wonderfully unusual for the medium, with a striking color palette and interesting iconography that help support the exquisite historical imagery. The stacked wordmark has a nautical feel to it, without specifically making use of a boat and without overwhelming the illustrations, icon work, or found imagery.