2 months

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Outdoor Apparel
Doubleblack is a fictional branding and packaging project for high-end ski goggles made with the finest quality materials, and profits that go towards supporting the work of the North Shore Search and Rescue. Born out of sketches, 3D modeling, and multiple rounds of revisions to the mark and packaging, Doubleblack turned into a passion project for me. It allowed me to create something fictional for a real cause for the first time. The project also helped me think a lot more about how the process of unboxing can be integral in creating a connection and leaving a lasting impression with consumers. The logo is a standout for me as well, despite not being an explicitly branding-focused project.
The name is, at once, a direct reference to the toughest runs that skiers and snowboarders have to face, while also referencing the idea of doubling back, as in returning to somewhere one has been before. It’s a kind of statement about North Shore Search and Rescue themselves – how they know the environments they operate in and how they come back for people who would otherwise be left behind. The logo has a few layers of depth to it as well, referencing both skis, a stretcher, a person, and the shape of the diamonds that are used to indicate Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond runs.