3 months
Graphics standards manual + In-store signage + Marketing collateral
Outdoor Apparel
Full case study
Valhalla Pure Outfitters is a high-end outdoor equipment retailer that is based in the trailhead communities of BC and Alberta. They work tirelessly to provide durable, comfortable, and advanced gear to those who need it most. For the purpose of this rebranding, the company aims to expand its reach to a national audience. Therefore, it requires a new, more flexible brand identity that would distill its values down to their most fundamental while staying true to the company's rich heritage. The final identity evokes the tools that outdoor enthusiasts and natives use every day, without mentioning any specific one. It has a rigidity and strength that only the peaks of the Selkirk Mountain Range can instill, complemented by primary colors inspired by ANASI high visibility standards. This helps the brand to stand out in nature and in an outdoor industry dominated by the usual browns and greens.